Voicebot possibilities

Voicebot based on artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications in customer service. It can be integrated with the call center line but is also found in mobile applications and websites. The advantage of a Voicebot integrated with the Omni-Chatbot Platform is that it can be used on many levels at the same time.

Voice assistant in call center

How does a Voicebot work?

The Omni-Chatbot platform performs tasks related to voice communication in both incoming and outgoing traffic, owing to the use of a speech recognition system (ASR – Automatic Speech Recognition, STT – Speech To Text). It is used to change continuous speech to text, which is sent to the Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. The engine generates a response that is converted into voice using a synthesizer or by playing back the voiceover recordings.

The platform can be integrated with existing Call Center solutions using a special IVR module, which can also be used to redirect calls to a selected group of agents when the user wishes to talk to a human being. The Omni-Chatbot platform offers great opportunities and shows that the future in customer service belongs to the Voicebots.

Voicebot and its possibilities

A voice assistant like a real human being

The basic feature that distinguishes the OMNI-CHATBOT Platform from other solutions is the possibility to conduct a dialogue with the user using the context so that it resembles a conversation with a human being as much as possible. If the user initiates a conversation on a specific topic (e.g. Samsung Galaxy J5 phone), the system will take this information into account in the further part of the dialogue, e.g. in the case of the Samsung Galaxy J5 phone:

User: Tell me something about the Samsung Galaxy J5 phone.
OMNI-CHATBOT: The Samsung Galaxy J5 phone is characterized by (…)
User: What colors are available?
OMNI-CHATBOT: The color palette of the Samsung Galaxy J5 includes (…). In the above example, the system “figures out” that the user asks about the available colors of the Samsung Galaxy J5 based on the context of the conversation, even though the user does not say it directly.

How the Voicebot talks

Dynamic response generation and scripts

An important available functionality of the Platform is the ability to dynamically generate Voicebot responses based on data from external sources (e.g. back-office systems). It is a very useful functionality for facts that often change their content (e.g. prices, delivery terms, available product versions) or are dynamic (e.g. payment balance, account balance, operating parameters of devices, etc.).

The scripts mechanism, on the other hand, enables conducting a dialogue, the aim of which is to lead to a specific goal (e.g. to collect specific information from the user to display an appropriate fact (answer) or to transfer data to a specific system).

Udzielanie odpowiedzi przez voicebot

Zastosowania voicebota

Asystent głosowy oparty na Platformie Omni-Chatbot znajduje liczne zastostosowania
w obsłudze klienta w kanale głosowym:

Identification of the customer and the service concerned,

Customer authorization based on the PIN code.

Information about the invoice and payment date.

Grace period – extension of the payment period.

Confirmation of booking the payment in the system.

Removal of the debt collection blockade of outgoing calls.

Activation and deactivation of data packets, minutes and text messages.

Arranging meetings and booking appointments.

Damage reporting – the system diagnoses the links.

Checking the status of the request.

Information about the way the invoice is sent.

Collection of overdue receivables.

Activation and deactivation of roaming.

Customer satisfaction survey.

Verification of sales leads.