Capabilities of the Omni-Chatbot Platform

The Omni-Chatbot platform is a modern tool that was designed to meet the needs of companies and institutions that care about the quality of their communication.

 Debt collection by phone using artificial intelligence


The OCP platform can contact customers with unpaid obligations to remind them that a payment is required and can also process payments.

AI consultant in IVR


Customers hate using tone dialing when contacting a hotline. Most often, they choose to call a consultant to whom they explain their problem. The consultant transfers the call to the appropriate group or department. His or her work only generates costs rather than solving the customer’s problem. The OCP platform can easily identify the intentions of a customer and redirect the call to the appropriate department, thus introducing significant savings at this stage of the provision of service.

Customer verification by a virtual advisor


Providing information to customers is often preceded by a process of authorization and authentication. There are no limitations to entrusting this process to the Platform, which will ask the caller a series of questions and then compare the answers with the database.

Checking customer satisfaction by a virtual advisor


OCP is perfectly suited for conducting marketing interviews that examine the satisfaction and needs of customers. Data is collected in a database and then made available to the marketing department employees in an aggregated form or as the details of individual conversations.

Lead verification by voicebot


The OCP platform can call potential customers and verify their needs and can also provide initial information to any interested parties and, when the intention to purchase is confirmed, transfer the conversation to a sales representative.

Umawianie spotkań przez platformę Omni-Chatbot


Integration with a calendar or any other booking system enables one of the most important processes – scheduling appointments – to be automated. Because of this automation, customers have access to their calendar 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without having to wait for a phone call or connecting with the hotline. They can book, change or cancel appointments. Everything is fully automated.

After-sales support


The terms and conditions of delivery, verifying the status of an order, collecting the necessary information to prepare the order, indicating the differences between the products or finding a product that meets customer requirements are explained. OCP can conduct the most complex dialogues with customers and, due to the integration with internal systems, is able to provide updated information immediately.

Customer support in modern communication channels


Login problems, a lost password, the amount of the last invoice, information about the end date of a contract, the bank account number for payment – these and dozens of other vital pieces of information that customers may require are easily solved. OCP is perfect for answering these frequently asked questions. Due to the integration with internal systems, the Platform can provide information and perform programmed operations (e.g. unblocking an account, changing the contract terms, updating a customer’s data, etc.).

The use of artificial intelligence in recruitment


Providing information on job vacancies and conducting preliminary interviews with candidates is another area where the OCP Platform can bring significant benefits. What is more, the Platform can support employees by providing them with the answers to frequently asked questions about HR and payroll. Vacation, medical benefits, holiday applications, salary certificates and labor law information – these are only a few possible applications.


A virtual adviser based on artificial intelligence. On the website, it functions as a chatbot. This is a modern tool that ensures efficient customer service.

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A voicebot optimizes voice communication. It can be used in call centers and can also be used in mobile applications and websites.

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Omni-Chatbot Platform applications

The main objectives of the Omni-Chatbot Platform (OCP) are to automate handling processes and simplify access to information. Our solution is perfect for replacing the repetitive, boring activities that are performed by consultants with an automatic solution. The experience of Stanusch Technologies SA has shown that up to 80% of handling processes can be automated using the Omni-Chatbot Platform.