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Nowoczesne call center

Customer service nowadays is a real challenge for contact centers in big companies and institutions. People live fast and expect quick communication and easy access to information. In the meantime, a real nuisance for customers is the long waiting time for a contact with a call center consultant or an e-mail response from the customer service department. Stanusch Technologies, as the creator of the Omni-Chatbot Platform, has developed a modern tool that will eliminate a number of problems faced by customer service departments.

The hotline is busy… please wait for a connection with our consultant

Busy telephone lines are a source of frustration for customers and companies are constantly trying to expand their team of consultants, which is not easy at all. Changes in the labor market make it difficult to attract new employees, and the constant expansion of the staff does not solve the problem anyway, because the number of inquiries is constantly growing. Thanks to many years of experience and numerous implementations, Stanusch Technologies has developed the Omni-Chatbot Platform to help eliminate the existing problems of the shortage of consultants. Worth mentioning is also the constant rotation of employees in the Customer Service Departments and the training needs of the entrants. Well-configured voicebot does not require training and is immediately ready for action.

The biggest advantage of a modern platform supporting customer service is the elimination of queuing calls to a consultant. Omni-Chatbot can handle multiple calls simultaneously, so that customers will not hear the message “please wait for the connection…” to the accompaniment of Chopin’s music. All communication processes within the Omni-Chatbot Platform are automatic and only when the knowledge base does not have the required information, a real consultant’s reaction is needed.


Voicebot supports and automates

The aforementioned process is nothing more than a description of the functioning of voicebot based on artificial intelligence. Its presence in the communication strategy ensures that the lack of resources in the call center is supplemented and current analysis of conversations is available for authorized people online. Automated, virtual call center not only improves customer service, but is also a source of lots of important information.

Naturally, the question arises as to which processes can be automated via voicebot. Stanusch Technologies experience shows that voicebots based on Plaforma Omni-Chatbot have an extremely wide range of capabilities. By properly configuring the knowledge base, voicebot can manage the calendar (arrange, postpone and cancel meetings), check the current status of an order and provide information about it, as well as activate or deactivate selected services. This is just a glimpse of what a smart voicebot can do! I have written more about the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the voice channel and the future of the industry earlier.

Chatbot and voicebot – best friends of customer service

Our solution is a customer support platform on various levels. Owing to the multi-channel character of Omni-Chatbot, besides voicebot, a chatbot can also function effectively – within a website, mobile application, Messenger, Skype and many more. Voicebot and chabot activities are based on the same knowledge base, so when deciding on Stanusch Technologies solutions, one implementation is carried out, resulting in an omnichannel tool.

With the Omni-Chatbot Platform, consultants gain a valuable tool based on artificial intelligence and their results are record-breakingly effective. We must not forget that the implementation of virtual assistants (in the form of voicebot and chatbot) also results in a significant improvement in customer experience, and this is what companies care about most.

Automated, virtual call center will be an obligation in the future?

The customer support platforms will eventually be a must-have for every major player in the market, where it is necessary to strive for the highest possible customer satisfaction. For Stanusch Technologies, every implementation of chatbot and voicebot solutions is a proof of the growing demand in the market. Especially that the number of requests for the Omni-Chatbot platform is growing year by year, because a virtual call center with the use of artificial intelligence is slowly becoming an obligation.

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