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One chatbot – multiple communication channels

Chatbot is the primary means of text communication for the OCP Platform and makes it possible to operate in many different channels, such as chatbot on the website, chatbot on the Messenger platform, chatbot responding to SMS or chatbot on instant messengers such as Skype, Skype4Business or WhatsApp. By configuring a single database, it is possible to share chatbots across multiple channels.

What is more, if our customers have their own solutions, such as mobile applications or live chat, they can use our OCP Platform and the created database in their solutions using the available API.

Platforma Omni-Chatbot

Differentiated responses depending on the communication channel

All answers provided by the OMNI-CHATBOT Platform are stored in the form of the so-called facts (articles). A fact contains various versions of the answers (text, voice, video, HTML, etc.). In the HTML version documents can contain text and tables, graphics, films and even embedded IT applications. This is a unique feature of our solution because most chatbots have very limited possibilities of displaying multimedia.

Articles can be freely linked to each other, and the transition between them can be done through links.

Stanusch Technologies – Virtual Advisor

Semantic search engine supporting chatbot

OCP, apart from answering a user’s question, can simultaneously search the entire knowledge base and suggest other articles/facts related to the question (e.g. to the user’s question “how to log in” outside the main answer, articles related to the question can be displayed): (e.g. “First login”, “Password recovery”, “Internet security”, etc.).

This solution is available in a chatroom located on a website. It is perfect for suggesting the customer what additional content he can familiarize himself with.

Chatbot in customer communication

Context – a conversation like with a real person

The basic feature that distinguishes the OMNI-CHATBOT Platform from other solutions is the possibility to conduct a dialogue with the user using the context so that it resembles, as much as possible, a conversation with a human being. If the user initiates a conversation on a specific topic (e.g. Samsung Galaxy J5 phone), the system will take this information into account in the further part of the dialogue, e.g. in the case of the Samsung Galaxy J5 phone:

User: Tell me something about the Samsung Galaxy J5 phone.
OMNI-CHATBOT: The Samsung Galaxy J5 phone is characterized by (…)
User: What colors are available?
OMNI-CHATBOT: The color palette of the Samsung Galaxy J5 includes (…)

In the above example, the system “figures out” that the user asks about the available colors of the Samsung Galaxy J5 based on the context of the conversation, even though the user does not say it directly.

Advantages of chatbot on the website

The biggest advantage of the virtual consultants on company websites is the support for customer service department. The Omni-Chatbot platform is an omni-channel tool that makes it possible for both a virtual assistant on a website and a voicebot integrated with a telephone service and/or mobile application to function on a single knowledge base.

Provides an instant reply

Users using the chatbot will receive an answer to the question as soon as they enter the message in the dialog box.

Machine learning

Solutions based on the Omni-Chatbot Platform can learn new facts on the basis of conversations and analysis of real consultants’ conversations.

Can interact with multiple people simultaneously

A virtual advisor on a website can talk to multiple users at the same time. You do not have to line up to get the information you want – the information is within reach.

Helps you find what you are looking for

Using the conversation context and conversation experience, chatbot can additionally suggest information that may be of interest to the user.

Is able to argue

Chatbot is not only able to provide you with specific information, but also arguments to support the existing content.

Supports marketing activities

Information conducted by virtual advisors is also a source of many valuable pieces of information for the marketing department.