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Voicebot in banking

Voicebot in banking: why will we talk about finance with voice assistants?

Mobile applications, phone payments, almost 24-hour customer service in social media, chatbots more and more precisely answering users’ questions: banks do not hesitate to use the latest technologies and communication channels. In order to make life easier for their customers, they reach for new solutions. Which technologies will soon become the most common standard? There…
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Nowoczesne call center

State-of-the-art customer service support platform

Customer service nowadays is a real challenge for contact centers in big companies and institutions. People live fast and expect quick communication and easy access to information. In the meantime, a real nuisance for customers is the long waiting time for a contact with a call center consultant or an e-mail response from the customer…
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Machine Learning

Machine learning in chatbot and voicebot deployments: how can it help us?

In the contemporary media we can find more and more information about the use of machine learning in supporting the implementation of IT systems. It seems that machine learning is a cure for all evil of traditional implementations and owing to it, implementations can be significantly accelerated and their effectiveness can be increased without the…
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Turing Test machine like man

Turing test: Can a machine communicate like a human?

How do we know that our interlocutor on the other side of the handset or chat is human? Can we always distinguish it from a machine? The development of artificial intelligence is already so dynamic that using chat rooms, instant messengers, hotlines of various companies and institutions, more and more often we will have a…
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