The Omni-Chatbot platform was created to meet the needs of demanding corporate clients and large public institutions. It features a scalable and highly accessible enterprise-class architecture that provides a very high level of security and stability. On the one hand, our system enables the complete automation of the service processes and, on the other hand, it provides immediate analysis of the problems and questions that the Platform users face.

Implementing the Omni-Chatbot Platform offers companies many benefits, including:

Supplementing missing resources in Call Center

The current situation on the labor market has forced employers to incur the ever-increasing costs of acquiring and maintaining Call Center employees. The Omni-Chatbot platform is ideal for the repetitive service processes, where it can replace 100% of the interactions with a consultant.

Reducing operating costs

Providing answers and solving customer problems is several times cheaper using the Omni-Chatbot Platform than human support. The cost of one phone call can be reduced substantially!

A significant improvement of the experience of customers

A potential customer who does not receive an answer to his/her question within several seconds will leave for the competition. The Omni-Chatbot platform can answer questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week for thousands of simultaneous customers.

Instant analysis of calls is available online

A side effect of the Omni-Chatbot Platform is the categorization of and study of the trends in conversations. The system provides on-line quantitative information about the issues that are raised by users, such as products, their characteristics, problems, complaints or satisfaction.

Convenient access to information for employees and partners

The Platform is often used by the employees and partners of our clients due to the convenience of accessing information (natural language) compared to penetrating an internal intranet system or hundreds of documents.

Meeting the expectations of young consumers

The Omni-Chatbot platform offers the possibility of using instant messaging and social media as well as traditional telephone channels. One system; One database of knowledge; One Administrative Panel significantly reduce the costs of implementing and maintaining a solution that can work in many communication channels.

Benefits of implementing a virtual advisor