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It’s all about experience – more than 130 projects have been completed using artificial intelligence.

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Many years of experience and expert knowledge resulted in a solution that many global analytical companies often compare to the systems of the largest corporations. Our system has been adapted to the specifics of the Slavic languages.

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Uses of artificial intelligence

Omni-Chatbot (OCP) is an artificial intelligence-based platform that enables automated, omnichannel communication with the customers, partners or employees of enterprises and institutions. OCP can automatically (without human involvement) support users in all phases of customer service such as marketing, sales or maintenance. Our chatbots and voicebots can simultaneously help to solve the problems of an unlimited number of recipients.

Examples of the applications of the Omni-Chatbot Platform include:



Turing Test machine like man

Turing test: Can a machine communicate like a human?

How do we know that our interlocutor on the other side of the handset or chat is human? Can we always distinguish it from a machine? The development of artificial[…]

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Virtual assisant in car

Virtual assistant in your car – the end of “lonely” journeys?

Virtual voice assistant is not “reserved” only for business, automating communication with customers of banks, insurance companies, telecommunication operators or e-shops. Recently, leading car manufacturers have noticed a considerable potential[…]

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